Youth Program

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[Musique Maestro!] Is two workshops and one concert!


Concerned to make a difference in its community and light an artistic flame with kids, the Appassionata Chamber Orchestra built an ambitious youth program [Musique Maestro!]

This year, the students of 4th and 5th grade of elementary have an appointment with the comedian Pascale Montpettit, the Appassionata Chamber Orchestra and the wonderful music of composers like Mozart, Bach and Haydn. The music will be set in an original musical tale made just for them by the author of many children books Mathieu Boutin !

The Crème de Crémone

The Crème de Crémone will give you the chance to assist to a debate between prestigious string instruments. Playing pieces of Haydn, Bach and Telemann, the virtuosos of the Appassionata Chamber Orchestra conducted by Mr. Jean-Philippe Tremblay, will defend with pride the values of each instruments!

«The students rarely have an immediate contact with a musician. It’s irreplaceable (…) They see that there is a human being that can play an instrument and it shows to them that they could do it too. »*

**Article written by Mrs. Marie-Liza Gervais.

The Symphonie en Catastrophe Majeure

The Symphonie en catastrophe majeure will invite the students to enter in the imagination and creativity of this amazing prodigy called Mozart. With the comedian Pascale Montpetit, in the role of Amadeus and The Appassionata Chamber Orchestra, directed by Mr. Jean-Philippe Tremblay, the students will have to help our young composer finish his symphony before dinner, otherwise he will be grounded!

Discover all the details of our workshops and concerts in our brochure with the link down below :

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