Damien Siles Grant

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Appassionata is proud to announce the creation of Damien Siles Grant.

Following the gift of a music violin by Damien Siles, Appassionata created a new grant that bears his name and which encourages the development of a new generation by the loan of a violin to a young deserving music student at the college level.

Daniel Myssyk, former artistic director of the orchestra “The Damien Siles Grant is the spark plug between a college student and an orchestra. Tutoring the loan of an instrument through the observation of an orchestra rehearsal, the scholarship promotes musical hatching student by providing a single framework for its further development as a young artist “.

Description of the grant

  • One-year loan of the Amatus violin made in Mirecourt bearing the signature of Appassionata musicians. The recipient must obtain insurance for the instrument. Proof of insurance is required.
  • Four (4) violin lessons with musicians of Appassionata
  • Possibility to attend orchestra rehearsals
  • Two (2) season passes


This scholarship is for students in college-level music. Interested candidates should submit a one-page letter of interest showing their recent achievements, a reference letter from a professor and a short video at admin@appassionata.ca

We invite you to support this new initiative by donating on this page. Thank you to all donors!